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Hi! I'm Lunden...

... and this is my blog.  Some of you may know already, but my parents, Erin and David, were not blessed with just a baby.  They were blessed with me!  Mommy tells me that I am an angel.  I have a strong spirit, an AMAZING smile and a giggle that makes my parents' hearts melt.  Oh, and my pout.  I gets them every time with that one.  

I am special beyond belief.  When I was just 2 days old my parents learned that I had suffered a shower of strokes, 20 weeks into my Mommy's pregnancy.  This was when my identical twin passed away.  These strokes caused brain hemorrhages which left holes in my brain.  At that same time blood flow was blocked to my brain and it wasn't able to develop.  You see I am extra special because I have an extremely rare brain condition called Lissencephaly.  That means my brain is smooth.  Don't worry about me though.  It doesn't stop me from being able to already do so many things some doctors said that I would never do.

So, welcome to my blog!  My Mommy and Daddy will use this spot to update the people who care about me most on how I am doing with my therapies, doctor appointments and the many milestones I plan on reaching!  Should you have any questions about me don't be scared to ask. You can contact Mommy with the link above or at

House of Cards

I told a friend not to long ago that I had the perfect life before I became pregnant.  I knew that life could be hard.  I had experienced it first hand, but nothing like this.  In the back of my head I would ask myself (more often than not) when my house of cards would fall.  I knew that there would be one thing that would cripple me.  One thing that would bring my world down around me.

That thing was Lunden.  To be a mother to a child like her is heartbreaking.  Everyday I am overcome with how I can make her life better.  I lay in bed and ask myself how people can believe in something like a God when they are handed a baby like this.  I’m heartbroken.  For months David and I have been wondering why Lunden wakes up every night around 12:30 to 2 a.m.  Every single night we are annoyed.  This past week I learned why as I was up with her.  She is having seizures.  I know because she was up with me already around that time and I would see her.  I would feel her in my arms struggling to gain control of herself again.  Sometimes she would bite her tongue.  Other nights she would cry out.  Tonight as she laid in my arms I cried for her.  Because being the mother of a child like this can break you.  I decided tonight that it is not going to break me.  I can do this.  I have to do this.

It really hit me tonight that I have to do this (as if I wouldn’t).  I have to do it well because if I don’t who will?

Sorry to get so heavy after being gone so long.  It just had to come out.

by My Mommy, Erin

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October 24, 2011 - 12:23 PM Denise - Oh Erin, your strength amazes me! I can't imagine how hard it must be for you & David, but Luden is so lucky to have you both! I admire your honesty and think it's okay to be true to your feelings. Lots of love & thoughts coming your way. :) ((HUGS))

October 21, 2011 - 9:47 AM Robyn - It is crushing to hear about Lunden in pain. And I cannot imagine the toll it takes on you and David (who take care of her 24/7). I'm so sorry she is going through this. Sending lots of prayers your way :)

October 17, 2011 - 5:56 PM Allyson - Sweet Lunden! I'm glad (ok, glad isn't the word) that there is an answer to why she wasn't sleeping during that time but I wish it wasn't seizures. There's nothing I can really say that would make everything better and not sound flippant (does that make sense?). The only thing I can say is we love you all bunches and bunches :-) You are a wonderful Mother and I admire you and your strength (Don't shake your head at me, it's true!!).

Yes, we are alive.

We are alive.  We are all doing surprisingly well too.  I’m in the middle of rebranding (new logo, website, blog) my business.  So, everything else is taking a back seat for now.

Happy Fall!

TGIF. Or So I Thought.

All day I thought it was Friday.  Then, David informed me tonight that it was only Thursday.  I am devastated.  That is the kind of week that it has been. Boo.

Lunden’s Lemonade Stand : Thanking Our Peeps

Party favors are ALWAYS my favorite party of a kids party.  I think that they say a lot about the time and thought that the host or hostess put into thanking their guests for coming.  I KNEW that we were going to give out cookies from our favorite shop, Connie’s Cookies.  My Mom individually wrapped them in plastic treat bags from Hobby Lobby tied the bows from ribbon (from May Arts) I already had.  The KoolAid packets were something like 10 for $1.  I glue dotted two packets together so they would not slip when putting the ribbon around them.  All the ribbon I already had in my stash.

Lastly, here are some of the photos either I took or our sweet friends took and sent to me.  Row 1: 1.Liz, who hosted the party and who is responsible for Lunden’s middle name being Elizabeth 2. Liz and I 3. Lunden showing her skills sitting in front of her lemonade stand.  She was most concerned with looking at David to the side instead of the camera.  Row 2: This shot was taken by a friend while everyone was singing Happy Birthday to our girl!  Row 3: 1.  LE posing in the sweet ruffled skirt Gina made her. 2. LE and I with our friends Kelly and Kelsy. 3. My (aunt) Nenee and LE.  Row 4: 1. My parents.  Grammy was stealing a smooch and my Dad is to rough and tough to smile.  Don’t let Papi fool you though.  He is a sucker for L. 2. LE and her lemonade stand makin’ Daddy.

I will post a total rundown with a list of vendors next.

September 9, 2011 - 3:03 PM Allyson - LOVE the pictures! Such a fun birthday for a special angel :-)

Lunden’s Lemonade Stand : Special Touches

I had fun making all the details for Lunden’s birthday. Sadly, I can’t do it all (Shocker!). I forgot to take pictures of everything.  These are some of the images of the special touches I did get.

Do not mention the jars and their laser cut lemon lids.  Be still my heart.  After the actual lemonade stand they were my FAVORITE touch.  I found them on a candle/mason jar site, but purchased them from a seller on Etsy.  The dark pink striped, paper straws I picked up from Hey Yo Yo on Etsy.  The little decoration on the straws was just extra gingham fabric I cut into strips with my pinking sheers and looped onto the straws.  The cupcakes were topped w/ pieces of cut straws and a small lemon wedge. I dried he lemon pieces days before to prevent lemon juice from dripping on the cupcakes.  I know that it was really posh to buy your cupcakes from super expensive cupcake stores, but here we slum it.  I always order the delish’ cupcakes from Sams.  Those puppies are only $13 for 30 and we have never been lead a stray.  Lastly, the name garland that said Lunden Lou was layered with several paper elements, and chipboard letters that I covered with silver glass glitter.

So, that’s the stuff I did get.  Makes me want cupcakes!

Next, is how we said thanks to our guests.